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SHERRIL POLANSKY » Sherril Polansky

Sherril Polansky

Dear Parents and Students:
Welcome to the new school year! I hope that you enjoyed your summer break and are well rested and ready to give your best to learning Social Studies!
My name is Ms. Polansky. For the last 25+ years I have been honored to be a teacher here at La Vega ISD.  I have been blessed to have taught wonderful students with unbelievable abilities and talents. I have known wonderful, caring, involved parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, and other care takers.  This quarter century has been the experience of a lifetime and I would not have missed it for anything.  
In addition to teaching here a La Vega, I am also an alumni.  I was a Pirate K through 12th grade.  After graduation, I was awarded an academic scholarship to Baylor University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude