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Adam Byrd » Adam Byrd- 6th Grade Social Studies

Adam Byrd- 6th Grade Social Studies

Welcome, I am Adam Byrd. I am new to the H.P. Miles campus, but this is my 4th year in the district. I will be teaching 6th grade Social Studies as well as Advanced 6th grade P.E. I am a football coach at the high school and I also coach softball.
Social Studies- Students will start with geography and move on to study cultures and civilizations throughout the world and time.
Advanced Athletics- During these classes, students will work on the basics of whatever  sport is in season. They will gain the basic  knowledge and understanding of what is expected  of them at the next level of school. They will also maintain strength and conditioning needed to be successful in athletics.
1st    Social Studies
2nd   Social Studies
3rd    Conference
4th    Boys Advanced Athletics
5th    Girls  Advanced Athletics
6th    Social  Studies
7th    Social Studies