La VegaIntermediate H.P. Miles Campus

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Class Expectations

Classroom Discipline Procedures:  We have posted classroom rules that are enforced to provide the best learning environment for the children.  We expect all students to follow these rules.    


Each Student Will:

  1.      Follow directions quickly
  2.      Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
  3.      Raise your head for permission to speak
  4.      Make smart choices
  5.     Keep your school family safe

Classroom/ Campus Expectations:

  1.      Respect yourself, others, and the environment
  2.      Be safe, be respectful, be responsible


When students choose not to follow these procedures, there will be consequences. Some of the consequences will include but are not limited to:


Negative Consequences:

  1.      Warning (verbal or nonverbal)
  2.      Loss of a privilege
  3.      Note or phone call home
  4.      Morning detention (detention slip with phone call home)
  5.      Lunch detention with teacher
  6.      Parent conference
  7.      Office referral


We want to promote a POSITIVE environment for our students, our parents, and ourselves.  That positive environment will develop with all students respectfully following procedures throughout each day.  This will result in an increase in instructional time and allow us to accomplish our goals.


Positive Consequences may include:

  1.      Free time
  2.      Snacks
  3.      No homework
  4.      Stickers or stamps
  5.      Prizes
  6.      Computer games
  7. A more productive learning environment.