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Justin Vance » Welcome to band!

Welcome to band!

Hello all and welcome to band! I'm Justin Vance and this is my second year at La Vega Intermediate. I will be teaching your students basic musical concepts as well as how to play their respective instruments. My main responsibilities are the clarinet class and rehearsing the full band. In order to ensure every instrument section gets individualized attention, I share the work load with a team of excellent teachers listed below.
Amy Russell, flute:
David Sprinkle, alto saxophone and french horn:
Tom English, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and tuba:
Please be sure to check the link to the side to access the band handbook.
Current announcements: Please make sure your students have a 1 inch, 3 ring binder for class! This is where students will store their music and worksheets.
Conference Period: I teach across three different campuses, so please contact me via phone call or e-mail to set up a time. E-mail is generally going to receive a quicker response.
HP Miles Band Hall Phone: (254) 299-6785
Junior High Band Hall Phone: (254) 299-6803
High School Band hall Phone: (254) 299-6833
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me!
Go Pirates, go band!